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Our aquaculture products include silt curtains, also known as turbidity curtains which act as a barrier to protect wildlife from water contamination by silt and sediment during marine construction, fish farm water treatment bags, sea lice skirts and freshwater tow-bags.

Sea Lice Skirts

Lice infestation is a huge challenge to fish farmers that has costly effects. The deployment of durable lice skirts is a proactive, preventative measure than can eradicate this serious threat within the aquaculture industry.

Silt Curtains

Silt curtains, or turbidity curtains are used to control and contain disrupted waterborne sediment in waterways during work such as coastal or marine dredging, excavation, marine construction or repair, civil works and pile driving. This prevent stress on ecologically sensitive habitats and marine pollution during necessary construction and repair projects. Cunningham are proud to manufacture products that enable our clients to protect the environment and ensure the best possible water quality and clarity.

Aquaculture Tarpaulins

Applications include; Sea-lice skirts, Fresh-water tow-bags, Water storage tarpaulins, Water treatment tarpaulins, padded protectors, Silt curtains, Treatment Tarps, Fresh Water Treatment/Storage Bags, Parasite Barrier Screens, Feed Waste Cones, Jump nets, Disinfectant mats, Harvest tents, Poly tunnels / repairs. Wind skirts, Closed bag technology


We are the sought after people when it comes to the provision of clever protective covers for maintenance, repair and overhaul. Our protective cover solutions are vital to a company trying to protect their high value assets, be it in the South Atlantic or the Baltic.

Exporting to over 40 countries since 1969 we work in all sectors and supply everyone from small individuals to large multinationals. We protect high value assets from dust, sand, UV Corrosion, scratching and deterioration on, all important for the storage and care of aircraft, engines, spares and associated ground support.

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