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18.08.2021 · By

Cunningham saves tank labelled as 'Critical to the plant'

Cunningham saves tank labelled as 'Critical to the plant'

Our client was faced with the issue of replacing their condensation tank that had been badly corroded due to its location. This had meant the costs had increased due to the need to rent a storage tanker which their tank was not available.

The client needed a financially viable option that would allow the tank to be continued to be used as it was ‘critical to the plant’.

After our initial consultation, our team was able design and implement a fully engineered solution from an industrial polyester reinforced PVC membrane reinforced with webbing straps, fixed with bespoke stainless-steel connections and ‘top hat’ supported by tropical hardwood post.

Our solution allowed the client to save costs in a number of ways, from an increased storage capacity due to preventing excess rain water from entering the tank, to preventing the need for a full refurbishment of the tank.


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