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Do you need a clever protective cover?
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Sea Croc Towable Bladder

Our freshwater tow-bag or ‘Sea Croc’ is designed specifically to store freshwater and tow to site.
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Cunningham's Sea Croc Towable Bladder in front of Factory

Sea Croc Towable Bladder

Cunningham have designed and engineered our unique and inventive method of transporting and storing fresh water, oil, wastewater and more. Our ‘Sea Croc’ is designed specifically to store and tow large volumes of liquid, for example, towing freshwater to site for treating fish against Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD). 

Amoebic Gill Disease is an infectious parasite found in water and targets the gills of fish. It develops because of poor water quality and in water bodies with dense fish inhabitancy, leaving fish farms extremely susceptible. When fish cross paths with this contaminated water, the added distress can cause decreased growth and even mortality.   

With our Towable Bladder, you can quickly and easily provide water to fish pens for rapid treatment! 

See more information on our Water Treatment Tarpaulins used within fish farms pens.  

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Benefits of Cunninghams Towable Bladder

Cunninghams Sea Croc’ Towable Bladder is made from very strong 1200g PU material, with a hard protective coating against abrasion and UV. This material is necessary to withstand strong currents and will have a longer life-span than less durable materials. The towable bladder has anchor points along the complete length of croc. It also has up to 5 loading/dispatch points and 2 inspection hatches. Our bags can be towed up to 6 Knots when at full capacity and 15+ Knots when empty. 

Flexible & Portable – As our Sea Croc is towed behind water vehicles, they can be easily transported to difficult to reach locations. Remote locations may not facilitate direct pipelines or transport access, so this alternative method is necessary.  

Reusable – Our anti-abrasion material allows for many years of use in and out of the water. This promotes sustainable practices and decreases the need for expensive alternative transport methods.  

Quick Deployment – With the automatic pressure valve, you can quickly inflate and fill. Off land, simply deflate the bladder and store for later use. 

Versatility – Our Towable Bladder can hold and tow up to 500m3 of liquid, allowing versatile use such as oil or waste water storage.   

Towable Bladder for Disaster Relief

Due to its size and durability, the towable bladder is also suitable for quickly and safely transporting large volumes of water for disaster relief efforts or to drought-stricken locations. In some circumstances, it may not be feasible for aircraft water deployment, so supplying water safely via sea may be required. 

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