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23.03.2020 · By

Behind the Curtain: The Key Benefits of Curtain Sided Trailers

Behind the Curtain: The Key Benefits of Curtain Sided Trailers

Behind the Curtain: The Key Benefits of Curtain Sided Trailers

It's no secret that every type of business relies on trucking to deliver goods all over the world. In fact, the trucking industry never slows down. That's why it's so important to make sure that your trucks are outfitted for maximum efficiency.

Many trucking companies have begun to make the switch to curtain sided trailers, making this type of trailer the most common form of transportation in Europe. These are trailers that provide the same protection as a van while offering the loading flexibility of a flatbed.

This article takes a look at the benefits of curtain sided trailers. Keep reading to discover insight into why this is the ideal shipping option for companies of any size.

Greater Flexibility

There's nothing worse than driving home a partially empty trailer following a delivery. After all, this is a highly inefficient way to burn costly fuel. And yet traditional walled trailers make it difficult to shuffle freight or load oddly-shaped freight. This isn't a problem with a soft side trailer, which makes it quite easy to accommodate backhaul during any stage of your delivery route.

Quickly Load & Unload

Curtain side truck body manufacturers understand the importance of making the loading and unloading process as efficient as possible. The curtain can be quickly and easily moved aside so that a forklift can deal with the cargo from any point along the length of the trailer.

This also makes it extremely easy to prioritize placement of cargo without having to load cargo in a particular order, which can slow the loading process.

With this type of trailer, you can get your cargo on or off the truck so that you can rapidly get down the road to your next stop.

Great for Partial Deliveries

A curtain sided truck is also ideal for making deliveries where only a small amount of the overall loaded is to be removed. Rather than having to load the truck in a specific order, the cargo can be loaded at random while still allowing quick and easy access to anything on the trailer.

This feature makes soft side trailers especially great for quick deliveries around town.

Tremendous Versatility 

This type of trailer is also incredibly versatile, enabling shipping companies to transport a wide range of goods. This includes longer items that would be nearly to load or unload with a traditional trailer.

No Need for Loading Docks

Lastly, a loading dock isn't an absolute necessity when driving a curtain sided trailer. In fact, you can park the truck anywhere while a forklift unloads the cargo. This saves time and makes it far easier to make deliveries to businesses that don't have loading docks.

The Benefits of Using Curtain Sided Trailers of Transport

Shipping plays a significant roll in a thriving economy. Thus it's important to have easy access to cargo being transported from one place to another. Fortunately, curtain sided trailers help make the shipping process as quick and simple as possible.

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