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How Cunningham can help you protect against Avian Flu?

How Cunningham can help you protect against Avian Flu?

Bird flu arrives in the UK every winter and 2021 is no different. It is brought to our shores by migrating birds who then come in contact with domestic birds.

This disease carries a low risk to humans although it is highly contagious and is deadly for poultry. Already there has been large number of outbreaks confirmed in the UK. This has led to flocks being culled and restrictions placed on exports. Chief veterinary officer Dr Robert Huey said this was the biggest ever outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Northern Ireland. This has led to approximately 22,000 birds being culled so far.

From Monday 29th November a lockdown was placed on all kept birds - chickens, turkeys, geese & ducks. They are all to be brought and kept indoors.

This is where Cunningham are able to help. Our products can help you in controlling your flock’s environment.  They prevent to any contact from wild birds by blocking off any openings for wild birds to contaminate your flock, in line with the directions issued that “Areas where birds are kept must be kept unattractive to wild birds.”

One way that we have already been able to help a poultry farmer in N.I. was through creating covers for secondary/backup vents in large chicken houses. Made from industrial grade PVC they are 100% waterproof as to prevent any water contaminated water running into the enclosure e.g. water that has been in contact with bird droppings, which can spread the disease.

Cunningham Covers make all our products bespoke to each application so we can adapt our covers to suit your specific needs. Contact any of our sales team who will be apply to discuss how our products can help you protect your flock against Avian Flu.

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