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Queen's Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2017

Cunningham Covers Ltd has gained one of the UK’s most prestigious awards, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The company was awarded for its successful design, manufacture and marketing of an extensive range of clever protective covers for valuable assets such as transportation, farming, manufacturing, aviation, oil and gas production and education.

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The Early Days

Cunningham Covers was founded in 1969 by current chairman, Gordon Cunningham, to supply the needs of a local trailer manufacturer. Since those early days, the company has steadily increased its production capacity and experience to encompass a wide range of advanced products.

Growing the Company

Using the most up-to-date materials and technologically advanced equipment, Cunningham Covers, together with a dedicated workforce and after-sales service, have helped to contribute to the company's growth over the past 40 years.

Our Clients

Entrusted by hundreds of companies we have produced the finest in our field to suit many differing needs. Working closely with our clients we have dealt with complex textile issues to create the most appropriate, attractive and effective solutions for each unique criteria. Markets include Europe, Middle & Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

Research & Development

Cunningham invests heavily in Research & Development. We partner with industry leaders, government and academic solutions all over the globe. This allows us to develop a world class product and service for each of our customers. 

If you have an upcoming project or want to find out more about how our innovations and technology can help you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Innovative and diverse, bespoke solutions

Further to providing you with such an extensive range, we can also make our products unique to your company, strengthening your brand identity, maximising your advertising potential while making your transportation aesthetically pleasing. Our tarpaulins and curtain sides not only come in a range of different colours but they can also be designed to include your company name, logo and details and also graphics to maximise their impact. Take a look at some of our work in the Project Portfolio to see just how effective our tarps and tension curtains can be.

We offer a wide range of covers suited to many applications from DIY, home & garden, construction, oil & gas industries, transport, agriculture, quarrying and outdoor advertising just to name a few.

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We pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to provide solutions that are effective and meet expectations. Call us on 028 7964 2638 from the UK or 004428 7964 2638 from Ireland – we're only too happy to help.