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Do you need a clever protective cover?
Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers
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Wind & Ice Skirts

Our bespoke wind & ice skirts are manufactured and suitable for all new and existing pen frameworks.
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Within the fish farming industry, the use of Wind & Ice Skirts is a safety measure for the cages and pens at sea. We manufacture wind and ice skirts suitable for all shapes and sizes of fish farming pens, making them entirely customisable to your desired level of protection. We use industrial strength PVC coated polyester, allowing flexibility alongside durability for a stable fish farm environment.

Wind Skirts for Fish Farm Protection

Our PVC wind skirts are designed to fit around the entire perimeter of the fish pen. This creates a barrier against strong winds and currents which can have enough force to damage pens, a costly effect for fish farming sites. The added pressure of such force causing broken nets and cages will increase the risk of fish escaping and negatively impact fish stress levels.

There is also the ability to add material which extends below the water surface, creating a stronger barrier against strong currents because of gale force winds. If not diverted, wind forces will create unruly working conditions and prolonged harvesting times.

Ice Skirts for Farming Pens

Made from the same durable PVC material for our wind skirts, our ice skirts are designed for use in times of prolonged cold conditions. During this time, it is extremely easy for ice to build up along the cage structure with freezing temperatures and consistent water contact on surfaces.

Ice can cause damage to the pen structure, netting and disrupt daily fish farming activities. The weight of ice build-up is also a concern if not dealt with in a timely manner as it could physically harm the fish.   

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