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Do you need a clever protective cover?
Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers
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Sea Lice Skirts

Cunningham Covers create custom sea lice management solutions for the Aquaculture industry. Our range of Sea Lice Skirts and Sea Lice Bags aid in the prevention and management of lice contaminations in fish farming environments.
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At Cunningham Covers, we have years of experience manufacturing Sea Lice Skirts to aid in the prevention and spread of sea lice in fish farms. As sea lice are generally found within the first few metres of the water surface, we create protective skirts made of high-quality tarpaulin that is extremely durable to withstand harsh environments, acting as a shield against lice infestation. 

Sea lice infestation is a huge challenge to fish farmers with costly consequences. Sea lice causes stress, irritation, and potential death for fish, especially in densely populated fish farms. The deployment of durable lice skirts is a proactive, preventative measure than can aid in the management of this serious threat within the aquaculture industry. 

We can design sea lice skirt to fit your fish farm perfectly. Cunninghams lice skirts are made from durable, permeable fabric that keeps lice out whilst allowing water flow in, creating a safe atmosphere for fish to live and grow. We can design and deliver your custom-made lice skirts in 2-3 weeks. Our decades of experience and excellent resources allow us to create large tarpaulin features in a short period of time compared to competitors. 

Cunninghams Sea Lice Skirts for Fish Farm Schematic

Benefits of Sea Lice Skirts

Our lice skirts can supply various benefits to the logistics of your fish farms. 

Prevention & Survival – Sea lice is a contributing factor is fish farm mortality rates. The skirts create a physical barrier, preventing sea lice from reaching the fish, thus significantly reducing the probability of infestation. Sea lice survive off fish skin and blood, so without this direct route to their food source from your fish farm, they will disperse and minimize spread of disease. 

Health & Quality – Lice attach themselves to fish, causing physical harm, irritation and stress. Creating a safe environment will allow fish to be healthier and happier. This safe space will improve their growth rate, and for fish farms, market prices are impacted by fish quality. 

Sustainability – Pressures to move towards sustainable methods in fish farming is increasing. By replacing reliance on chemical treatments for delousing with heady-duty, sustainable and reusable sea lice skirts, farms are reducing their environmental impact and operational costs. Once Installed, our sea lice skirts require minimal maintenance, providing long-term protection.  

Regulations Compliance – Regulations for fish farms differ in regions, but there are rules in place for Fish Health & Welfare Standards, Chemical Usage, Sustainable Practices and more. Our sea lice skirts are part of the sustainable practices approach and are designed with responsible fish farming in mind. 

Manufacturing your Sea Lice Skirt

Our bespoke manufacturing facility allows us to design lice skirts to fit any size and shape of fish farm. Cunninghams lice skirts are made from both impermeable and permeable fabrics. Permeable fabrics are best suited for farms wanting to keep lice out of pens whilst allowing water to flow in. We can design and deliver your custom lice skirts within strict timeframes. 

Have a look at our Aquaculture Covers Gallery for more insight into our bespoke offerings. 

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