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Do you need a clever protective cover?
Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers
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Kelp Curtains

Fish farming has seen a need to produce natural habitats for fish to carry out their cleaning duties. Cunningham has developed Wrasse Hides, commonly know as Kelp Curtains, to mimic kelp for these fish. We can produce wrasse hides and kelp curtains to suit any cage or requirement, adapting to the needs of specific fish species.
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Benefits of Kelp Curtains for Environmental Enrichment

The main purpose of Kelp Curtains (wrasse hides) is to mimic the natural habitat of kelp forests, coined ‘Environmental Enrichment’. For certain fish species, kelp forests are considered their natural habitat for breeding and protection. In fish farms, it is important to create an environment familiar to these fish to help with stress reduction, increased reproduction, reduced mortality rates and even creating cleaner fish.

Sustainability – Our Kelp Curtains are manufactured using permeable PVC fabric, heavily reinforced for durability. They are connected using industrial rot-free stitching and tough webbing fix points, allowing them to withstand long-term water submersion. This allows for many years of resistance against environmental degradation such as UV exposure and strong currents. This also reduces the need for regular replacements and requires minimal maintenance unlike natural kelp which may require manual harvesting and care.

Water Quality – The quality of water in fish farms is a major factor in the promotion of fish health. Our kelp curtains, much like natural kelp, absorb nutrients which reduces the environment required for algae to grow.

Protection – Mimicking the fishes natural habitat helps reduce stress as they can climatise to an environment familiar to them. The curtains also provide a physical barrier which helps for two reasons. It creates an obstacle for attacks from predators, but also, the softer materials in comparison to fish arm pens reduces injury when coming into contact.

Customisation – As our kelp curtains are manufactured bespoke, we can produce solutions tailored specific to your fish farm requirements. This includes size, shape and density, creating the best environment for your fish to thrive.

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