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19.06.2019 · By

Maelor Foods - Storage Tank Cover

Cunningham assists Maelor Foods to double production capability

25.02.2019 · By

Cunningham Safezone Habitat EU Brexit thoughts

Habitat manufacturer Cunningham, share some thoughts on Brexit.


10.01.2019 · By

The Benefits of Trailer Covers – Why You Need One

If you are a builder, trades person or D.I.Y enthusiast, then you will know how useful and important a trailer is. You will also know that your contents can experience a significant amount of wear and tear when packed inside a trailer and brought from one place to another.


Trailer Covers
14.12.2018 · By

Key Considerations for Minimising Downtime in the Oil & Gas Industry

Let’s face it, the oil and gas industry can be tough and challenging at the best of times. Challenging trade conditions have meant oil and gas operators and clients are keen to save money, improve supply chain and ensure their assets are running in tip top condition.


09.11.2018 · By

7 Reasons to Invest in a SafeZone Habitat

If hazardous tasks are being carried out within your company, it is worth thinking about a SafeZone Habitat.


08.11.2018 · By

Combat noise pollution and improve workplace health and safety in 4 simple steps

Noise pollution can exist in a variety of industrial facilities and workplace environments and, in many cases, it’s capable of causing lasting damage


25.10.2018 · By

Find out why smart fish farmers love lice skirts

Global aquaculture production is anticipated to exceed the 100m tonne mark for the first time in 2025.


How To
10.10.2017 · By

We're hiring Production Operatives

Due to increased growth we require more production operatives.

09.06.2017 · By

Customised Covers Can Protect Big Investments

Anyone who’s had a painful sunburn will attest to the fact that UV light is a force to be reckoned with. It’s hard to escape it if you’re out and about and you only need to look at shop canopies to see how constant exposure changes the dyes in the fabric, bleaching them out and causing fading.